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Wood Flooring Installation - Common Sense Flooring - About Us

Our company's mission is to offer both wood flooring education and superior wood flooring installation to our customers.

  • First: We strive to help homeowners become informed about the various wood flooring options available and what type of wood flooring installation is the best fit for their family's needs.
  • Second: We aim to deliver a superior wood flooring installation. We do this not only by using the best materials suitable for each installation type and installing the flooring with excellent craftsmanship, but we also follow a superior preparation process prior to installation.

We view each project as unique and we believe that our approach to wood flooring in general and wood flooring installations in particular is also unique because we give personalized attention and communicate effectively with our clients. Our professional wood flooring installers find that the most satisfying aspect of their work is the final phase, when they see a beautiful finished hardwood floor and a client who cannot believe the difference that the new wood flooring makes in their home.

We provide a full line of wood flooring services, and we can assist your needs in some or all of the following areas:

  • Removal and disposal of old floor covering.
  • Concrete and plywood subfloor leveling (Ardex engineered cements, K15 or GS4).
  • Moisture testing.
  • Moisture sealing (including shotblasting concrete subfloor).
  • Re-fastening plywood subfloors.
  • Staircase wood flooring installation.
  • Wood flooring installation.
  • Sales and service.
  • Wood flooring materials advice and research.
  • Wood flooring repair.

Please contact us and see how we can assist you.