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Wood Flooring Repair - Wood Floor Repair

Wood flooring can be damaged in a number of ways: moving your furniture can scratch it, dropping heavy items may leave dents and gouges, large pets can leave trails, appliances can leak causing buckling to your wood floor, etc. While extensive damage may require the replacement of the entire flooring, some significant damage can actually be repaired. Hardwood floor repair may be a more cost effective option depending on your situation.

How We Repair Your Hardwood Floor

For damages to laminate wood flooring, the most common option is plank replacement. This is one of the benefits of having this type of flooring, particularly the newer glueless laminates. Plank replacement is also an option for repairing engineered hardwood flooring. Scratches and smaller dents in all types of hardwood flooring can be repaired using a hard wax or latex filler, if plank replacement is not necessary or is not an option.

If your laminate or hardwood flooring:

  • is scratched.
  • is creaky (it is "clicking").
  • is bouncy or bowing.
  • is faded.
  • has been flooded, is wet, or has an odor.
  • has small burns.
  • has hollow spots.
  • has stains

Contact us for wood flooring repair so we can evaluate what needs to be done. Repairing your hardwood floor may be all that is necessary, or it may be that the entire flooring needs replacing. Either way, our wood flooring professionals can assist you.